January 15th, 7pm
Director: Ruben Ostlund
118min Drama

A family on a ski holiday in the French Alps find themselves staring down an avalanche during lunch one day; in the aftermath, their dynamic has been shaken to its core, with a question mark hanging over their patriarch in particular. The new film from Ruben Östlund (Play) confirms the Swedish director as one of the most daring and audacious filmmakers to emerge in the last decade.

Winner of Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at 2014 Cannes Film Festival. This is Sweden’s submission for Best Foreign Language Oscar in the 2015 Academy Awards.

January 29th, 7pm
Director: Maxime Giroux
Canada 105min Drama French with English Subtitles

A young married woman from Montreal’s Orthodox Jewish community finds freedom from the strictures of her faith through her relationship with a young man who is mourning the death of his estranged father.In Maxime Giroux’s latest feature, an unusual romance blos­soms between two lost souls who inhabit the same neigh­bourhood but vastly different worlds. Meira (Hadas Yaron) is a young Hasidic Jewish mother in Montreal’s Mile End dis­trict who secretly rebels against her faith by listening to soul music and taking birth control pills; Félix (Martin Dubreuil) is a loner grieving the recent death of his estranged father. Intrigued by Meira, Félix hopes her religious devotion will provide insight into his loss, and though she rebuffs him at first a mutual affection soon arises between the two. As Meira’s desire for change becomes harder for her to hide, the young woman is faced with a stark choice: remain within the community she has always known, or pursue an uncertain future outside of it.
Winner Best Canadian Feature at TIFF 2014.

February 12th, 7pm
MR. TURNER (2014)
Director: Mike Leigh
UK 150min Drama

Nominated for Cannes Film Festival highest award, the new film by Mike Leigh is an exploration of the last quarter century of the great, if eccentric, British painter J.M.W. Turner’s life. Profoundly affected by the death of his father, loved by a housekeeper he takes for granted and occasionally exploits sexually, he forms a close relationship with a seaside landlady with whom he eventually lives incognito in Chelsea, where he dies.
Throughout this, he travels, paints, stays with the country aristocracy, visits brothels, is a popular if anarchic member of the Royal Academy of Arts, has himself strapped to the mast of a ship so that he can paint a snowstorm, and is both celebrated and reviled by the public and by royalty. Won Best Actor Award (Timothy Spall) and nominated for Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival 2014.

February 26th, 7pm
Director: Andrew Huculiak
Canada 104min Drama Norwegian with English Subtitles

A compelling young woman, Dagny (the incandescent Dagny Backer Johnsen), recalls her last memories of the five people who loved her most while experiencing a catastrophic event. This film is the debut feature from Andrew Huculiak, drummer for the Vancouver-based band We Are the City and it was created to coincide with the release of the album of the same name. Suspense is sustained in an abstract way: musical motifs from their songs, pinpoints of light, atmospheric electro-magnetics and a repeated, wave-like mantra. Winner of Best BC Film and Best Canadian Feature Film at VIFF 2014.

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