DOWN RIVER  – (February 13, 2014) Director Benjamin Ratner, 93min, Drama, 14A

This emotionally stirring drama, was directed and written by Vancouver native Benjamin Ratner.  Shot in Vancouver’s West End, DOWN RIVER was voted the most popular Canadian film at the recent Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).  The film stars Helen Shaver as Pearl, a character modeled on Babs Chula close friend and mentor of Ratner’s who died in 2010.  Pearl is an older woman who provides guidance, support and inspiration for three young women: Aki, an artist; Harper, a rock singer; and Fawn, an actress.  When Pearl unexpectedly leaves them, the three are forced to face the future on their own.  The VIFF tribute to this compelling film notes that it’s “full of sex (of all kinds) and laughter” and, of particular note, is that half the crew of this film was comprised of local Vancouver film students.


DOWN RIVER February 13th, 7pm