The Kamloops Film Society is run entirely by volunteers. They take tickets at the door, distribute brochures, and even transport the film itself to the theatre (without them, the KFS would literally have no films to screen!) Many devote hours of their time each year purely out of their love for independent film.

When not attending the screenings of fantastic films, Cathy enjoys reading, NYT crosswords, card making, sewing, gardening, volunteering, socializing with friends and being a part of the Kamloops Choristers.


Why did you want to volunteer with the KFS?
I like films. I like volunteering. The two likes seemed to marry well by hitching up with the KFS.

How long have you been volunteering with KFS?
Not really sure…about 8 years…started out as a volunteer with the Kamloops Film Festival.

What is the most memorable film you have ever seen?
It is not one seen through KFS…TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (also my favorite book).

Do you have a favorite movie?
Again, not one seen through the KFS…and I actually couldn’t possible name only one.
FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, LADYHAWKE, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, THE PROFESSIONAL, THE MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR, THE PRINCESS BRIDE…all of which I’ve enjoyed over and over. As you can see, I like a movie with a happy ending! Yes, even THE PROFESSIONAL had a happy ending.

A guilty-pleasure movie?
Again, several…musicals generally.

Do you tend to gravitate to a particular genre or type of film?
By the lists above, its obvious I like ‘happy’ movies, but I do also like documentaries that ask me to think about the world I live in and how I am living in it.

How would you describe The Series?
Eclectic, always with something different from the mainstream, always something challenging.

HUGH JORDAN serves on the Kamloops Film Series Committee. As a member of the Committee, he participates in selecting the films that will be shown in each Fall, Winter and Spring series and distributes the Series posters and brochures throughout the city. For the inaugural KFS volunteer profile, we asked Hugh to tell us about his film background.

Why did you want to volunteer with the Kamloops Film Society?
Years of loving film.

How long have you been volunteering with the KFS?
Three to four years now.

What is the most memorable film you’ve ever seen?
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, for the cinematography, the music, the costuming, the setting. Paradjanov was able to make this film under extraordinary limitations. I wish we could include more films like this – great films that lack adequate distribution networks.

Do you have a favourite movie?

A guilty-pleasure movie?
Harold and Maude, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Do you tend to gravitate to a particular genre or type of film?
Independent films using ingenuity and imagination and good writing and enthusiastic acting, rather than big bucks. For example, Safety Not Guaranteed and Slackers.

How would you describe the Series?
Great films that people are not likely to experience anywhere else.