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Directed by Felix Van Groeningen
In English
112 minutes
Rated 14A: drug use


Nicolas Sheff seems to be the teenager every parent dreams of: his grades are excellent, he is an athlete, he is into acting, He is an artist and he is the editor of the school paper. When Nicolas falls prey to the power of addiction, the meth he can’t give up threatens to destroy him. In desperation, his father does whatever he can to save Nicolas and bring his family back from the brink of chaos.

Carell offers a sympathetic and at times moving portrait of a father desperate to understand what has happened to his son yet unable to cope with it up close. Chalamet’s nuanced portrayal covers all the bases: delerium, despair, depression, determination, desperation.
James Berardinelli, Reel Views

Chalamet manifests Nic’s futile desperation in a performance that is nothing less than heartbreaking – Oscar material, in fact; and he’s equalled by Carell, whose exposition of paternal anxiety is just as overwhelming and convincing.
Ian and Sheila Taylor, A Film Life

At the heart of this film is its terrific cast. Timothée Chalamet delivers a tremendous performance, disappearing into the role of Nic and capturing every ounce of his internal pain.
Kevin Jones, Cinecentric

BEAUTIFUL BOY – January 31, 7pm