Fall Series 2015 (Sept-Nov)

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The Wonders (Nov. 26th, 7pm)

Runtime: 100minutes

Country: Italy

A family of beekeepers living in the Tuscan countryside finds their household disrupted by the simultaneous arrival of a silently troubled teenage boy and a reality TV show intent on showcasing the family.

Gelsomina’s family functions according to very particular rules. First of all, Gelsomina, at twelve years of age, practically runs the family. Her three younger sisters obey her and work under her watchful eye. But the outside world mustn’t know anything about their lifestyle, and they should be kept away from it, well-protected in their isolated countryside home. Gelsomina’s father, Wolfgang, is a foreigner and Gelsomina is the future queen of this strange and improbable kingdom he has constructed for them. A male heir would have been better, of course, but Gelsomina is strong and determined and what’s more, she has a special talent for beekeeping and making honey. It’s Gelsomina that retrieves the swarms from the trees, who organizes the honey extraction, and she is the one that carries the hives. Whilst all around them the countryside is being burnt up by pesticides, rural life is falling apart and becoming something different, a TV show competition arrives from the city offering a cash prize and a luxury cruise for the Most Traditional Family. “Village Wonders” is presented by the good fairy, Milly Catena. Gelsomina wants to participate in the contest, but Wolfgang won’t even consider it. Something else is tormenting him: the new European laws regarding farm produce. If they don’t get their honey lab in order, with washable walls and well-defined working spaces, they will have to cease production. They have to work very hard to expand the bee colonies, and get the lab up to standard. In his desperate search for cheap labor, Wolfgang agrees to take on a delinquent German boy, Martin, who comes from a youth rehabilitation exchange program. The tension mounts: between a silent evasive boy onto whom Wolfgang projects his desire for a son, and, counteracting this, the outward reaching force of Gelsomina that will stop at nothing just in order to see the good fairy TV show hostess again. Nothing will be the same at the end of this summer for Gelsomina and her family. An extraordinary summer, when the strict rules that hold the family together, begin to break…


Grand Prize of the Jury Cannes 2014



I’ll See You In My Dreams (Sept. 17th, 7pm)
Director: Brett Haley
Cast: Blythe Danner, Martin Starr, Sam Elliott
Year: 2015
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: USA
Language: English
Eventbrite - I'll See You In My Dreams

Carol, a widowed Ex singer, (Blythe Danner) discovers that it’s never too late to start over. With her faithful girlfriends to cheer her on (June Squibb, Rhea Perlman, and Mary Kay Place), Carol chooses to open her mind and heart to what life may still have in store for her.

In this Sundance Film Festival favourite, Carol makes some new and surprising friends, explores a new love interest (Sam Elliot) and reconnects with her daughter (Malin Akerman) in a film that considers the nature, value and transiency of both life and love.

Carol has been widowed for a while. Her life is predictable, quietly unfolding in everything from routine housekeeping duties to attendance at regular bridge dates with her pals at the local seniors center. Living on her own and somewhat disconnected from others, Carol finds herself even lonelier when she loses her dog. When a black rat brings chaos into Carol’s world, she approaches a near-by pool guy (Martin Starr) to assist. A unique and surprising friendship develops between Carol and Lloyd.

As part of an effort to embrace life, Carol participates in what turns out to be a disconcerting senior-speed-dating session. This leads her to accept a date from Bill who invites her on his boat. Busy with her new approach to loving and living life, Carol is surprised by a visit from her daughter Katherine.

“Not a good movie. A really good movie…” Glenn Kenny – Rogerebert.com
“A modest, quietly touching portrait of an older woman radiantly portrayed by Blyth Danner.” – Stephen Holden, New York Times

“What “I’ll See You” does particularly well is get at how any relationship – whatever your age – comes with a limited, rather than a lifetime, warranty.” – Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times


2Seymour: an Introduction (Sept. 24th)
Director: Ethan Hawke
Written By: Ethan Hawke
Year: 2015
Runtime: One hour, twenty four minutes
Country: USA
Eventbrite - Seymour: An Introduction

In this film, officially selected by the New York, Telluride and Toronto International Film festivals, Seymour Bernstein: a beloved pianist, teacher and true inspiration shares eye-opening insights and truly entertaining stories from his incredible life. Join Ethan Hawke as he introduces us to a true sage/virtuoso, who, through his love of music, shares views on life might just alter yours.

Seymour Bernstein started playing the piano as a little boy, and by the time he turned 15 he was teaching it to others. He enjoyed a long and illustrious career as a performer before he gave it up to devote himself to helping others develop their own gifts. While Ethan Hawke’s gentle, meditative study is a warm and lucid portrait of Bernstein and his exceptional life and work, it’s also a love letter to the study of music itself, and a film about the patience, concentration, and devotion that are fundamental to the practice of art. Seymour: An Introduction allows us to spend time with a generous human being who has found balance and harmony through his love of music.

“Seymour Bernstein is the most captivating guru you could imagine. Mr. Hawke’s production will be studied, and savored for decades to come.”
– Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

“Profoundly inspiring.” – A.O. Scott, The New York Times



Far From The Madding Crowd
Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Tom Sturridge, Matthias Schoenaerts, Michael Sheen, Juno Temple, Jessica Barden
Year: 2015
Runtime: 1 hr 55 minutes
Country: USA
Language: English
Eventbrite - Far From The Madding Crowd

Far From the Madding Crowd, adapted for film from the Thomas Hardy novel first published in London (1847), is a sweeping period drama that explores relationships and love, passions and choices. With her independent, willful spirit and her beauty, Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan), finds herself in the company of three very different and fascinating men: a sheep farmer, (Matthias Schoenaerts) a sergeant (Tom Sturridge) and a wealthy, experienced bachelor. As financial and romantic fates ebb and flow, a vibrant time and place from the past is brought beautifully to life in a story about the true nature of love and resilience in the face of change and challenge.

When proud, beautiful newcomer Bathsheba Everdene arrives to live with her aunt, Mrs. Hurst, she captivates Gabriel, a man who has invested his meager and carefully saved money in the leasing of a sheep farm. Over time, a friendship grows between them, turning into a one – sided love affair; Gabriel earnestly requests Bathseba’s hand, persisting until she moves to a village some miles off to discourage him.

When next they meet, Bathsheba discovers that Gabriel has lost all he invested in his venture and hires him to help with the estate she has inherited on the death of her Uncle.

Now a member of the wealthy land owning set, Bathsheba attracts a new admirer through a cheeky prank that she pulls, unwittingly encouraging a successful and worldly bachelor, William Boldwood, to become obsessed with her. Bathsheba does not necessarily deter his advances as she contemplates her future. This angers Gabriel, leading him to berate Bathsheba for her thoughtlessness. She retaliates by firing him from his position.

In the midst of her considering William’s offer of marriage, the dashing and reckless Sergeant Francis Troy returns from one of his campaigns and charms Bathsheba, until she is infatuated with him.

Jealousy, revenge, unrequited love, betrayal and chaos unfold as Bathsheba navigates life based on the choices she makes. Throughout the trials she encounters, some literal, some figurative, she finds herself relying ever more closely on her oldest and only true friend, Gabriel.

“With the immeasurable aid of a great cast, Danish director Tjhomas Vinterberg (Festen; The Hunt) mounts a very honourable adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s sweeping melodrama about lust, doomed romance and how not to pick a husband…One of the best movies this year, so far.” – Mal Mincent, The Virginian-Pilot

“Vinterberg has made a gentle, unintrusive film, graceful and too refined to speak out of turn.” – Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair



Director: Paul Weitz
Cast: Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Marcia Gay Harden, Judy Greer, Laverne Cox, Sam Elliott
Year: 2015
Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes
Country: USA
Language: English

Eventbrite - Grandma

When Elle Reid’s (Lily Tomlin) granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) unexpectedly arrives and delivers some equally unexpected news, Elle quickly finds herself pressed into service as a sidekick with a mission: to come up with $600 before sundown. Temporarily broke, Grandma Elle and Sage take off, trying everything they can to get their hands on the needed funds. As they approach old friends and acquaintances for help, they find themselves uncovering old secrets and more than a few surprises.

Elle is a lesbian poet and academic who lost her longtime partner a few years ago. Just as she finishes off dumping her current, much younger girlfriend, Elle’s granddaughter Sage appears. She is “in trouble” and needs $630 to get her out of her predicament. (She has an abortion scheduled later in the day.) Elle, who recently took a stand of political independence has cut up her credit cards and currently has only $40 to her name.

They climb into Elle’s old car and set out to find some cash, steering through a series of encounters with both old and new acquaintances. With each interaction, more and more is revealed about Elle and the dynamic with her family.

Lily Tomlin delivers an Oscar-worthy performance in “Grandma” — funny, rattled, cranky, worried, aggressive, vulnerable and loving. It’s a touching, real and intimate performance that lingers in the mind and heart. – Tom Long, Detroit News

Tomlin’s Grandma is summer’s best superhero, a career high screen turn. – James Verniere, Boston Herald

Grandma…a film with huge things to say about the meaning of family and the value of living on one’s own terms. – Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


05Diary of a Teenage Girl
Director: Marielle Helle
Cast: Bel Powley, Alexander Skarsgard, Christopher Meloni, Kristen Wiig
Year: 2014
Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes
Country: U.S.
Language: English

Eventbrite - Diary of a Teenage Girl

Lonely and artistic, Minnie chronicles her trials through expressive drawings and painfully honest missives confided to a tape recorder. One fateful evening alone with her mother’s boyfriend, Minnie is confronted with her sexual awakening for the first time, and soon discovers she is in way over her head.

Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Phoebe Gloeckner, The Diary of a Teenage Girl recounts the coming-of-age adventures of Minnie Goetze, a San Francisco teenager growing up in the counterculture haze of the 1970s.

It is 1976 and in San Francisco, budding 15 year old cartoonist Minnie starts an audio diary. She is increasingly curious about her blooming sexuality and is keen on losing her virginity.

When Minnie’s young mother Charlotte finds herself too busy to go out with her boyfriend Monroe, she encourages him to go with Minnie. Their involvement leads to the start of an affair.

As Minnie moves through one experience to the next, navigating the highs and lows of teen life, she begins to experiment sexually and socially, faithfully recording her experiences in her audio diary and sharing details with her friend Kimmie.

When her mother finds Minnie’s diary, Minnie runs away from home and quickly becomes exposed to a new slate of experiences which begin to overwhelm her. She eventually returns, to find a surprising sign of encouragement waiting for her.

Powerful, exhausting, ecstatic, twisted and unerringly honest, “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” is a rare film indeed, a look at a young girl’s messy coming of age told completely from the young girl’s point of view. – Tom Long, Detroit News

“The Diary of a Teenage Girl” is a breakthrough moment in the culture in that it depicts youthful female sexuality … not just with the unapologetic frankness the boys usually get, but with an awareness of all the places a girl’s urges will take her … – Ty Burr, Boston Globe